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Basic Folk

Nov 29, 2018

Nora Jane Struthers started in bluegrass, but has leaned towards Americana and rock and rock in the past decade after living in Nashville. She's also got an incredible life story that includes overcoming dyslexia, infertility and falling in love with her bandmate. She plays and records as Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line.

Originally a high school English teacher in Brooklyn, NY, Struthers (a New Jersey native), in her mid-twenties, decided to take a leap. This leap was into a career in music. She packed her bags and headed to Nashville. It is in this town where she met and married Joe Overton, who happens to be the banjo player in her band. Now, they are expecting their first child. In our conversation, Nora opens up about the pressure and weird power that comes with being a woman in the music industry, her struggles with infertility, and her off the chain vocabulary.