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Basic Folk

Jan 3, 2019

Before becoming a fulltime performer/songwriter Dawn Landes worked as a sound engineer for many years. After studying for a bit at NYU she left school to pursue an internship at Phillip Glass' studio. It was at Phillip Glass’ studio she learned of the 9/11 attacks. On the podcast this week she recalls being the only one in the studio that day and taking orders over the phone to save everything and power all the machines down. Dawn tells me of the impact that Fast Folk/The Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange had on her career and the role Suzanne Vega played in her life as Dawn’s mentor. We also get into the musical she is working on called "Row" about the very inspiring and fellow Kentuckian and rower, Tori Murden McClure, who aspired to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Dawn is just finishing up tour with her new countrypolitan record "Meet Me at the River." The record is available wherever you get your music and worth a listen or five.